Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Character Wise Generation From The Little Book Of Calm

If you saw the show black books, you saw the calming powers of the little book of calm.
Surprisingly the book actually exists. I extracted the text from the Kindle version and will now train an LSTM with it in order to generate an infinity stream of calming advice. The actual code can be found as a Gist.
For copyright reasons I can not attach the text. So if you want to train this too, you need to buy the Kindle version.
I split all the text into windows of 40 characters and train an LSTM to predict the following character. I use a bidirectional LSTM with a 128 dimensional cell-state. The output mode for the LSTM is many-2-many, which means each input at each time step (the current character) also has an output (the next character). The output is pushed through a dense softmax layer. The LSTM is shown below:
length = 40
step   = 1
model = Sequential()
model.add(Bidirectional(LSTM(128, input_shape=(length, n_char), return_sequences=True), input_shape=(length, n_char)))
model.add(TimeDistributed(Dense(n_char, activation='softmax')))
optimizer = RMSprop(lr=0.01)
model.compile(loss='categorical_crossentropy', optimizer=optimizer)

The Training log is interesting. One can see that the LSTM gets better and better at generation text which can be seen in the notebook. Below I listed some samples. For the sampling, we initialise the generation with a random sequence of 40 characters and let the LSTM generate the rest. The details of the sampling can be seen in the notebook. The text is not great but one can see that the LSTM aims to generate sentences similar to the ones in the book. One might be able to improve it's performance with more layers or more epochs.

However, since the model works on a character level, I am not unhappy with the results:

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  2. "eel calm. recognise addictions for what your has a little choice. devers of a favour things which the worldor tak every moments worry habirothing – you half the way to feel. emplay of the lights – quiet – entoy not worrierate – beting worry king before you think about still, bow feelinggs there is enliet before yourself calm if you feel calm your earl goonicoly disary taskn take the time is efly. kink well assential astimugars asout peace – and have all tall you to can calm. the way you look at that your happenng, puts of orange blome"
  3. "e stand straighter and taller than you beliefs, you will fool your hand, mixitates even the back sede tans bighing take and the ennable treates the beauty the add to think worty as major troutten if you combscents are among the humone situations: you treat at attating them. trank und harty thing an ised. on the small issues them, on your ease a sea calm always stimulates things that as much you must’, ‘i subripress on a way of what your day – from will happen. life for have to live a timens ael add the con rowhing wholly on tat hapte,"
  4. "then you can be calm. sip warm water a glass than politens, put as you tonkelow yourself up. player. sel they is possible not to calm. then you connald ablity to live a cemplemants and englavoide. make to the benor effort into hands, not for twengy to the roother unlike in your diet, something with a peyture of peace and calm deind go little known bad compony all spech speeds can seritally when at a physictionel. your hearly, small issues them, soothes of a hand at also keolitas the moment your feet, then review then ptsic a fatticula"
  5. "learning something you want to know. and you hueld’ go limp. removeties it posttert in the worlding the way you look at then posittle with your attionshops a out the cl-fectly having a little controgises to be remote. by massal favour bady them. is thice as you go envements are then positive to be captivelity when it carnething to say your subconscious speative of remote those who trere you ueld it before yourself underful fact as the feelostrust in everything when you’re leave dowalk a little between what harts like go to bed. whish "
  6. "the moment when you concentrate your attention on a way attiony what it’s only of relaxing those calm, even up, by so fhols, behaw recognise them bach someone, alwings a calm people about beauty phor people als your thoughts, will take whice a groutts a calm person, a floathing down on a grass to help you know, by replyating widg a few chill, your speech, resubcents, you feel calm toom to your can most used the moments art teads. wear wearious from time to be a stimulations in whatever you grust – then reony something your faving to w"
  7. "light one stop early if you consciously start is to relaxed with your speech speeds. by a coach even the most commot flowsh and exprect. works bectionss your speech speeds of a field unting with the groours, but for the plears nalk eget to feel calm. rong with a masseur once that your face pheropen having to sal awhable place, a conscious to be captivelocar place, up them of a damplestilm of the espences and little not train. every sayols around the back ood be sad, them do. then massage them ind tee… as you busly petson time to time "
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  10. "make an apapointment with yourself to deal with worries that as major stressed when you’re helaxed with a resalk post your breathing, when you’re lead to calm. changes on the pest the thumb are then massage them go them, taking pleaser the most more efficiently when a country worry beads. play , any time – hose negne a softet for deeps a chomples. take ba hothing them. then raised by your life relaxt to stayicher when you sach add there’s tense sire time eas a pew your day, cannot by where you wouldn’t normally thinks. peace will not b"

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